The House of Esther is a 501c non-profit tax-exempt charitable corporation

About Us

The House of Esther will address the immediate fear, and desperation experienced by young, first-time mothers. We are a non-profit organization in support of each mother who chooses to keep her baby.

The House of Esther is a Maternity Education and Care Center, also known as a Maternal EduCare Center. We are a home for first-time expectant moms ages 18 – 25 years of age.  The House of Esther is designed to meet multiple needs and concerns of pregnant moms in crisis, resulting from their homelessness, lack of education and parenting skills.

The young, single, at-risk, unsupported pregnant mom will be educated on how to address the existing disparities that affect their culture with low birth rates and abortion.  We will utilize age appropriate and innovative program models to reduce low birth rates that effect young mothers.  We will also address economic issues that affect young, single mothers in our community. We will demonstrate the effectiveness of innovative multi-component, community-wide initiatives in an effort to help reduce rates of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, low birth rates and abortions among young mothers.

We partner with local pregnancy crisis centers and the Health Department to assist in ultrasound testing and prenatal care of our moms.