The House of Esther is a Maternity Educational Care Center for 1st time Mothers between 18-25 years of age who have decided to parent their child.

Our Program

The House of Esther is a 501c non-profit tax-exempt charitable corporation

Features and Benefits

The House of Esther will provide services for young, single, first-time expectant moms to prepare and assist them to become independent and successful parents with their future family.  We provide education, housing and emotional support to each of our moms.  Our moms will be in a safe and secure campus setting, where we provide unique life enrichment education programming that involves preparing them to re-enter the community, and to become an active and positive member of our community.  The House of Esther exists with a strong community commitment.

Our Life Enrichment program partners will unite in collaboration with The House of Esther in promoting our parents to become active, positive contributors to our city.   Our Life Enrichment program will be taught by professionals from specific areas of our community such as:

  • Financial Decision-Making
    Where they will learn effective budgeting  that includes household expenses, purchasing groceries, how to purchase a car, and how to live debt free.  Taught
    by PRIMERICA: Division Leader.

  • Practical Real Estate
    How to purchase family housing.  Housing marketing education taught by
    Local Real Estate Professionals.

  • Education and Career Planning
    Focused on family independence and family financial security.  Career advice,
    landing the job, working for yourself, etc.  Taught by Michigan Works /Action Management of Genesee County.

  • Medical Education & Care
    For moms dealing with emergency situations for themselves or their child;  the options that are available and the signs to be aware of.   Taught by Nurse Family Partnership Instructors.  At-risk moms will be medically supervised by The Sister Network of Flint.

  • Sex Education with a Focus on Healthy Relationships
    Understanding your reproduction system and loving and caring for yourself, knowledge and updates ​on STD‘s.

  • Nutrition with a Focus on Healthy Eating
    Covering nutritional health for the entire family to include budgets and meal preparation.  Taught by Michigan State Cooperative Education programs.

  • Habitat for Humanity
    What it takes to become a homeowner. Taught by Habitat for Humanity
    staff instructors.

  • Educational Programming
    Provided by Certified Michigan Online K-12 Program.  Computer Classes
    ​taught by Carriage Town Ministries.

We have an Educational Chapel on campus at the House of Esther.  We offer an “ Earn While You Learn” program.   This includes classes and workshops for understanding your pregnancy,   teaching moms to become more effective parents and developing healthy relationships with their child. They also have the option of participating in faith-based learning with a focus on self-esteem, confidence and self-worth.

You must continue:

  • Attending high school – THOE-Michigan K-12 program
  • If in college you must stay enrolled in college at least part time.
  • If employed, will be encouraged to keep employment.
  • Our Staff support includes a live-in House Manager as well as two full-time Case Workers who will assist our moms with around the clock care and supervision. 

As a condition of admission, our moms must demonstrate a capacity and willingness to learn and participate in independent living skill building. The duration of our moms’ stay will be 18 months, unless an extension is granted by the Program Director.