The House of Esther has been issued a donation challenge! 

Mark McKeon, a grandson of Angeline McKeon - former cook at the St. Agnes Convent (now The House of Esther), has challenged the House of Esther to get donors for the kitchen renovation that still needs to be completed.  He has offered to match all donations dollar for dollar! The estimate for the kitchen is $48,000 - we need help via donations and skilled laborers to get this kitchen alive again!

Please read below about Angeline McKeon and how her history relates to The House of Esther!

Angeline McKeon was a St. Agnes graduate and the cook at the St. Agnes Convent , which is now The House of Esther.  Before that she worked as a cook for the Freeman family, who owned Freeman's Dairy Company. She had two sons, Donald and Ronald - a third son had died in a fire at 3 years old.  Around 1933, her husband Stephen, left home and was never heard from again.  After 20 years of marriage, Angeline was a single mother - she if anyone would appreciate the purpose and mission of The House of Esther.  The McKeon Family is hoping to see life brought back to this place that she loved and was loved. 

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Donation Challenge!